As the Thai Government has endorsed Thailand 4.0 Policy and a 20-year national strategic plan to transform the economic structure to the value-based economy driven by innovation, modern technology, and creativity.

The focus is to use advanced technology in the process of production as well as enhancing local capability and potential and enhance the development of regional and global connectivity


GAX mission is to translate Thai Government Policy into action through proactive acts, to incubating Thais who have the potential to empower and level-up their existing potential. We aim to raise competitiveness in digital technology at the national level. GAX is the melting pot of experts from every sector that will drive and speed up the progress of the young startup in Thailand. Startups expert, manufacturing expert, design expert, innovation expert and media expert will come together under GAX to ensure that the process of selecting and grooming is reaching the standard and startups are ready to go out there and show the world what they have.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Rutchanee Gullayanono – Innovation Expert, KRIS
Satit Kalawantavanich – Design Expert,
Pitchayen Hongpakdee – Manufacturing Expert
Chatpawee Trichachawanwong – Media Expert, Sociallab


1)    To increase the competitiveness of Thai people in the Global scene
2)    To create a supportive ecosystem within the country, as well as, foster entrepreneurs to develop products and solutions to rapidly meet evolving market demand.
3)    Knowledge, information and innovation sharing to create a value-based economy
4)    To enhance Thailand 4.0 and a prominent role in establishing connectivity and digital infrastructure


CES 2020 – Thailand  Pavilion

Beginning of 2020, top-notch and newly-emerging startups from Thailand will be joining CES Eureka Park exhibition area. It is an area where fresh and new ideas start. Startups will come to launch their new products and services. We are looking forward to meeting all VC, buyers and media from all around the world.


Leading Thai Media like Channel 3 Thailand and Sociallab will also collaborate with Thailand Pavilion for the first live broadcast at CES to present emerging trends and the disruptive change in technology and innovation that affects people’s daily life. We trust in the power of media which can easily raise awareness of technological progress for Thai society.