Sociallab commit to become Thailand’s leading technology promoter

Social Lab seeks to provide a platform where technology and fun meet.

We aimed to become the forefront in producing, creating, and publishing in-depth information related to IT and technology that can beneficial to the society as a whole.


Starting in 2008 ‘Social Lab’ become the leading Thai television program production company, which specializes in creating and producing interest-holding IT-related programs for Thailand’s mainstream television channels, such as TV Channel 3 and Channel 5.

Social Lab was born from the intension of our CEO,
Ms. Chatpawee Trichachawanwong who eager to encourage Thai people to learn and know more about global trend especially in the field of technology and innovation.


With professional team and unstoppable analyst, we aim to create well-rounded channel where everyone can come and update tech content. Social Lab content will be everywhere and nearly 24 hours from both online and offline channel. Recently we have partnered with VGI, Thailand’s leading company for transportation media where our content will be published on BTS Skytrain which is one of the highest traffic transportations in Bangkok.

What we do

Social Media is the key channel to catch attention from millennial, while majority of previous generations still rely on traditional media like television and radio. We work to response to both online and traditional channel therefore we guarantee that our viewer will receive the newest and touchable tech content when they watch or visit our channel.

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Mon - Fri 16:00 -16.30

‘Daily C3,’ is aired during prime time (every Monday to Friday at 4:20 pm) on TV Channel 3’s  ‘KAO SAM SRI ’, which is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known news program on the topic of technology in general , and Information technology in particular . For this specific program we have currently gained over 10 million Thai viewers as measured when the show airs.


Our well-known online channel, it is ‘ceemeagain’ which includes a YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. In total we have more than 1.9 million active followers.

Daily ON BTS

“ซีเล่าข่าว” (cee lao kao) technology news update from every segment from BTS skytrain from VGI our partner.



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